Ant Control Experts in Henderson, NV

Keeping ants out of your home is serious business. Although ants are tiny creatures, if they come into your home and find what they are looking for, like food or water, they will not soon forget. The rest of the workers in the colony will follow a pheromone trail straight back into your Henderson home time and time again. Although there are several ways to discourage ants from coming into your house and hanging around, giving the ant control experts a call can help you reclaim your home from the ant invaders.

Leave it to the experts

For severe or persistent ant infestations, especially those involving multiple ant colonies or challenging species, consider seeking professional pest control services. Professionals have the expertise to identify the species and implement effective, targeted treatments for long-term control.

Because ants have their eyes set on infesting your kitchen and sometimes your bathroom, it is important the treatment used by ant control experts is safe for your family. Hiring a pest control service that has eco-friendly treatment options that are effective at getting rid of ants but will also not harm the environment will give you peace of mind.

After an ant control expert treats the interior of your home for an ant infestation, the technician will then look for entry points that ants use to come inside. After sealing some of these cracks, the technician will then go outside to search for the ant nest.  In most cases, technicians need to hunt for the ant mound located outside and eliminate it so that the ants never come back into the home.

Be sure you do not have structure damaging insects in your home

Ants can be a real nuisance but they do not cause damage. However, there are a few types of insects that can cause extensive damage in your home. Carpenter ants, which can cause expensive damage to the structure of the home, do not nest outdoors like most ants. They burrow into wooden beams in your house to create space for their colony to live. This can severely compromise the structure of your house because it weakens the boards. Carpenter ants can be identified by their size and color. Most Carpenter ants are a good bit larger than a typical ant and are often dark brown or black. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood like termites do.

Termites are another type of insect that can cause thousands of dollars in repair cost if not discovered. Termites are not ants but they can be confused with ants because they have a similar appearance.

If you see ant-like insects spilling into your home from a hole in the wall, with wings, and they are not walking in a line, it is likely that you have discovered a termite infestation. These winged termites are called swarmers and they are leaving their colony to go start a new colony somewhere else. To tell the difference between ants and termites, look at their waist, wings, and antennae.

Ants have a pinched, wasp-like waist, two sets of wings which are longer on top, and elbowed antennae. Termites, on the other hand, have a straight waist, two sets of wings that are equal in length, and straight antennae.

Call an ant control expert

If you suspect that you have Carpenter ants or termites in your home, call a professional immediately. In Henderson, NV, our team at Pest Raiders will get rid of any damaging insect or common ant infestation that you have so you can have a pest-free home. Call Pest Raiders today.


Why Do I Have an Ant Problem in My Home?

Having an ant problem is certainly not uncommon regardless of where you live in the US. Ants are tiny insects that have a remarkable sense of smell and are constantly on the hunt for food. The best way to deal with ants is to prevent them from coming into your home in the first place. But even if a trail of ants have squeezed through a small crack in your window sill, you can still get rid of this persistent pest by treating your home for an ant infestation.

What causes ants to come inside?

There are a few factors that can make ants decide it is a good idea to sneak into your home. A few ant magnets are:

  • Food: Ants are primarily attracted to food sources. If you have crumbs, spills, or open food containers in your home, they can easily become targets for ants searching for sustenance.
  • Water: Especially in the heat of the summer, ants need to find a water source. If you have places in your home that have moisture issues, such as leaks or damp areas, you may find ants congregating around those places in your house.
  • Weather Conditions: Ants can be more active indoors during extreme weather conditions. They might seek shelter from heat, cold, or rain, which can lead them into your home.
  • A messy home: Regular cleaning is essential to prevent ant infestations. Crumbs and food debris can accumulate quickly, providing a continuous food source for ants. Trash that has food containers or discarded food can also be a big magnet for ants.
  • Plants and Gardens: If you have plants or gardens close to your home, ants might be using them as a food source and can easily find their way indoors. Sometimes ants will actually build their nests in a potted plant. If you bring the plant indoors, you may soon find an entire colony worth of ants marching around your home.

How do I get rid of ants?

If you find ants in your home and understand why they have come inside, it is time to get them out. A few ways to get rid of ants are:

  • Seal Entry Points: Seal any cracks or openings in your home’s exterior to prevent ants from getting in. If you have a trail of ants in your home, try to follow it to see where the ants are coming in.
  • Store Food Properly: Keep food in sealed containers and clean pet food bowls promptly.
  • Eliminate Moisture: Address any water leaks or damp areas in your home by using a dehumidifier or calling a plumber to fix the leak.
  • Remove Nesting Sites: Identify and eliminate potential nesting sites, such as piles of debris or clutter around the perimeter of your home or near the house.
  • Use Baits: Ant baits can help control ant populations by targeting entire colonies. The ants take the bait back to their colony so you get rid of the ants at their source
  • Professional Help: If the infestation is severe or persistent, consider seeking the assistance of a pest control professional.

The best way of getting rid of ants for good is hiring a trusted ant control expert who will thoroughly treat for ants in and around your home. In Henderson, NV,  give Pest Raiders a call today to get rid of the trail of ants marching across your kitchen.


Ant Problems in Las Vegas

Ants do not do anything halfway. If they decide that your home provides enough food for their colony, they are going to be pouring into your home to find every morsel.  Discovering what is drawing the ants into your home and where their nest is located are two factors that can help you eliminate your perplexing ant problem from your Las Vegas home. If you need to get rid of the ants immediately, calling in a pest professional can exterminate these persistent pests before the problem gets out of hand.

What attracts ants?

Several different types of ants call Las Vegas home, including the painful fire ants, harmless ghost ants, and the pavement ants. All types of ants use pheromones to leave a scent trail for the rest of the worker ants to find and follow. If they find something they want to eat, such as sugar, honey, or fruit, they will soon set up a trail along your kitchen floor or even across the wall to the source of food.

But it isn’t just a matter of not dropping crumbs on the floor of your kitchen. Other places in your home can also attract ants, such as:

  • Leaky pipes under the sink, or constant wetness around the refrigerator ice dispenser can attract ants.
  • If you have indoor pets, you may feed your pets in the kitchen, essentially leaving out food for ants.
  • If you have stored food that is not in airtight containers, like a cereal box, for example, ants may find the motherload food source in your pantry.

Basic prevention

Keeping a tidy home is the best way to keep ants out of your house.  To prevent ants from entering your kitchen:

  • Use an all purpose cleaner to wipe down surfaces and countertops.
  • Sweep up crumbs or use a wet rag to wipe up sticky spots from surgery drink spills or honey.
  • Caulk around windows and door frames. Ants can enter through tiny cracks so checking for small entry points will help keep ants from coming in.
  • Keep food in airtight containers.
  • Spray white vinegar around possible entry points to deter ants from entering.

If ants have already found that your Las Vegas home is meeting all their colony’s needs, a trusted pest professional can easily treat the ants in and around your home so they are no longer a problem. By eliminating ant nests or mounds, an ant control service can stop the flow of ants into your home.

For Las Vegas residents, Pest Raiders is the best name in the business to eliminate your ant problem. Our experienced technicians will make sure that all ants in your home or outside of your home are eradicated.


Best Company for Ant Control in Las Vegas

A persistent ant problem can be quite frustrating. Ants do not have the same creep out factor that spiders or cockroaches do, but you still don’t want them around. Especially if the ants find their way into your pantry, you may find yourself throwing out perfectly good food because it is covered in ants. Don’t waste food and money on an ant problem. Calling in the best ant control company will help you reclaim your kitchen from the ant invaders.

Professional treatment

Ants are after food and water and they will relentlessly pursue both. If food and water are found in your home, a few ants will soon let the rest of their nest know where it is and how to get there. Ants will pour into your home in search of food to take back to their nest, in the form of a mound, outside. Ant control professionals  will first deal with the ants that are inside your house, and then will stop the ants at the source by eradicating their outside colonies.

Avoid attracting ants into your home

By changing the way you do things around your home,  you can reduce the chances of attracting ants to your kitchen. A few rules to follow are:

  • Don’t leave out food on your countertops for extended periods of time. The smell of food will draw ants into your home.
  • Do not try to wipe up the line of ants marching on your wall or floor. This can actually scatter the ants, causing them to create multiple lines of marching insects in your kitchen.
  • Do not just wait and hope they will go away. If they find food, they aren’t going anywhere.
  • Do not leave cat or dog food or their water bowls on the floor in your home. This attracts ants.

Be sure to always:

  • Sweep the floor after every meal.
  • Use a white vinegar and water solution to spray and wipe down your countertops. Ants hate the smell and it also cleans well. Be careful with it on your wooden surfaces.
  • Promptly take out the garbage.
  • Keep the outdoor trash can away from the house.
  • Fill any holes with caulk around windows that may serve as an entry point.
  • Spray white vinegar on the exterior of the home where there may be possible entry points.
  • Call a professional pest control service to treat your home for ants.

Identifying the ants

There are multiple types of ants that live in the Las Vegas area. If you find ants in your home, identifying what kind of ants can be crucial.  Some ants may be burrowing into the structure of your home, causing expensive damage to your house. 

Carpenter Ants, for example, do not eat wood like termites, but they burrow into the wood which can weaken the boards and possibly cause the structural integrity of your home to be compromised. Carpenter Ants are larger than your average ant, are dark red to black in color, and the worker ants have wings. If you identify Carpenter Ants in your home, call a professional immediately!

For the best ant control company in Las Vegas, give Pest Raiders a call today. We are ready to make your ant problem go away for good.


What is the Best Solution to Get Rid of Ants?

Ants love to find food for their colonies. All day, every day, ants are crawling around your plants and trees, window sills and sidewalks looking for food. If ants find a way into your home and discover crumbs, spills, or trash full of discarded food, they will let their friends know and, soon, they will be back for more.

Prevention is always the best solution to keep ants from infesting your home. But if they have already set up shop in your kitchen, getting rid of the ants is the new name of the game. If you can’t seem to get the ants to move on, it’s time to call in a professional to eliminate the ants.

Ant prevention

Ants love to eat and collect food. If your home has places for ants to use as a food source, ants will find it. Keeping a clean, tidy home should be the first defense against ants. A few good habits for not attracting ants are:

  • Sweep and vacuum: Crumbs fall while eating, food items get dropped or spilled while cooking, and eating a meal in front of the TV after a long day at work can all be reasons why food ends up on the floor in multiple different rooms. Sweeping or vacuuming your home once a day and especially under the dining room table will help reduce the number of crumbs in your home. Sweeping the kitchen and dining room after each meal is also a good idea.
  • Wipe down surfaces with white vinegar: Not only is it important to clean up sticky spills, you can also make the surface even less appealing by using white vinegar because ants hate the smell.
  • Take out the trash: Do not leave trash, especially food garbage, in the home for long. As soon as the bag is full, promptly take it out to an outdoor trash can with a lid.
  • Try your best to contain all eating to one room: You may be very good at cleaning up after yourself, but if you have a child who often likes to eat in their room, it’s possible that you will find ants in multiple rooms in your home.

Call a professional

An ant control professional will inspect and treat your property at routine times throughout the year to keep your home and yard ant-free. Your efforts to deter ants will certainly help the situation but if a colony of ants is determined to get into your home, having a pest control expert on your side will make sure you never have to deal with ants marching across your home.

One of the best solutions to make sure that ants do not re-enter your home is for your trusted ant control service to create a chemical barrier that the ants can not get through. Our technicians at Pest Raiders in Las Vegas, NV are committed to partnering with you to find the best solution for getting rid of every single ant from your property.


What Should I Do if There is a Trail of Ants in My Home?

Seeing bugs of any kind in your home is not a welcomed sight. But seeing a trail of ants marching into your home can be overwhelming. Your mind may be suddenly filled with questions like: Where are they coming from? How can I stop them? and What should I do?

Fortunately, you are not the first nor the last person to deal with a trail of ants coming into your home. There are several preventative tips and ways to eliminate your current ant problem that you can implement yourself. If the ant problem turns into an ant infestation, you can always call in a professional to eliminate the ant invasion in your home.

Prevent ants from getting in

Ants are always on the lookout for food and water. Knowing what attracts ants can help you keep them out of your kitchen. A few ways to prevent ants from coming into your home are:

Thoroughly clean up spills

If you accidentally knock over a cup of juice or sugary drink, it can be difficult to reach all the places the liquid can spread. But if you really want to make sure you won’t have ants marching into your home, cleaning up every bit of that spill is essential. Make sure to look behind countertop appliances and even in drawers where drips can creep into.  Ants have an incredible sense of smell and can find all the places you miss when cleaning up a spill, so take your time and be thorough.

Wipe down your surfaces

If the ants can smell it, they will find a way to get to it. After you prepare food or eat a meal, be sure to wipe down all surfaces, such as the dining table and countertops, with an all purpose spray to prevent ants from finding a morsel that keeps them coming back for more. The cleaning spray eliminates the smell of food so the ants aren’t tempted to come looking for crumbs in your kitchen.

Keep all food in air tight containers

To keep ants from finding your pantry, place all food in airtight containers. Not only will this prevent ants from finding your cookies, sugar, and other foods, it will also keep other pests from discovering your pantry as well.

Caulk around windows

After normal wear and tear, the caulk around your windows may be missing or damaged, leaving the tiniest entrances for these little, marching insects. Inspect the trim around your windows for any possible damage and apply fresh caulk around the exterior and sometimes interior of the window.

Pet food

If you have a dog or cat, you may keep their food and water bowls in your home. Both pet food and water can attract ants. Ants are always searching for a food source but as the summer heats up, finding easy access to water will also get their attention.

Repelling scents

There are some scents that ants can not stand. You can actually use an ant’s strong sense of smell to repel them from your home instead of entice them.  White vinegar is at the top of the list of most hated scents for ants. Cleaning with white vinegar is a great way to safeguard your surfaces from attracting ants. 

Essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, and tea tree oil also repel ants from marching into your kitchen and getting into your food.

Call a pest professional

Keeping regular pest inspections is a great way to prevent pests like ants from coming inside.  Any potential ant problem is eliminated before it is able to develop into an infestation. If you are in Summerlin, NV give Pest Raiders a call so we can help you get rid of that trail of ants in your home.