Ant Control Experts in Henderson, NV

October 09, 2023 Pest Raiders Ants

Keeping ants out of your home is serious business. Although ants are tiny creatures, if they come into your home and find what they are looking for, like food or water, they will not soon forget. The rest of the workers in the colony will follow a pheromone trail straight back into your Henderson home time and time again. Although there are several ways to discourage ants from coming into your house and hanging around, giving the ant control experts a call can help you reclaim your home from the ant invaders.

Leave it to the experts

For severe or persistent ant infestations, especially those involving multiple ant colonies or challenging species, consider seeking professional pest control services. Professionals have the expertise to identify the species and implement effective, targeted treatments for long-term control.

Because ants have their eyes set on infesting your kitchen and sometimes your bathroom, it is important the treatment used by ant control experts is safe for your family. Hiring a pest control service that has eco-friendly treatment options that are effective at getting rid of ants but will also not harm the environment will give you peace of mind.

After an ant control expert treats the interior of your home for an ant infestation, the technician will then look for entry points that ants use to come inside. After sealing some of these cracks, the technician will then go outside to search for the ant nest.  In most cases, technicians need to hunt for the ant mound located outside and eliminate it so that the ants never come back into the home.

Be sure you do not have structure damaging insects in your home

Ants can be a real nuisance but they do not cause damage. However, there are a few types of insects that can cause extensive damage in your home. Carpenter ants, which can cause expensive damage to the structure of the home, do not nest outdoors like most ants. They burrow into wooden beams in your house to create space for their colony to live. This can severely compromise the structure of your house because it weakens the boards. Carpenter ants can be identified by their size and color. Most Carpenter ants are a good bit larger than a typical ant and are often dark brown or black. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood like termites do.

Termites are another type of insect that can cause thousands of dollars in repair cost if not discovered. Termites are not ants but they can be confused with ants because they have a similar appearance.

If you see ant-like insects spilling into your home from a hole in the wall, with wings, and they are not walking in a line, it is likely that you have discovered a termite infestation. These winged termites are called swarmers and they are leaving their colony to go start a new colony somewhere else. To tell the difference between ants and termites, look at their waist, wings, and antennae.

Ants have a pinched, wasp-like waist, two sets of wings which are longer on top, and elbowed antennae. Termites, on the other hand, have a straight waist, two sets of wings that are equal in length, and straight antennae.

Call an ant control expert

If you suspect that you have Carpenter ants or termites in your home, call a professional immediately. In Henderson, NV, our team at Pest Raiders will get rid of any damaging insect or common ant infestation that you have so you can have a pest-free home. Call Pest Raiders today.