Best Company for Ant Control in Las Vegas

September 18, 2023 Pest Raiders Ants

A persistent ant problem can be quite frustrating. Ants do not have the same creep out factor that spiders or cockroaches do, but you still don’t want them around. Especially if the ants find their way into your pantry, you may find yourself throwing out perfectly good food because it is covered in ants. Don’t waste food and money on an ant problem. Calling in the best ant control company will help you reclaim your kitchen from the ant invaders.

Professional treatment

Ants are after food and water and they will relentlessly pursue both. If food and water are found in your home, a few ants will soon let the rest of their nest know where it is and how to get there. Ants will pour into your home in search of food to take back to their nest, in the form of a mound, outside. Ant control professionals  will first deal with the ants that are inside your house, and then will stop the ants at the source by eradicating their outside colonies.

Avoid attracting ants into your home

By changing the way you do things around your home,  you can reduce the chances of attracting ants to your kitchen. A few rules to follow are:

  • Don’t leave out food on your countertops for extended periods of time. The smell of food will draw ants into your home.
  • Do not try to wipe up the line of ants marching on your wall or floor. This can actually scatter the ants, causing them to create multiple lines of marching insects in your kitchen.
  • Do not just wait and hope they will go away. If they find food, they aren’t going anywhere.
  • Do not leave cat or dog food or their water bowls on the floor in your home. This attracts ants.

Be sure to always:

  • Sweep the floor after every meal.
  • Use a white vinegar and water solution to spray and wipe down your countertops. Ants hate the smell and it also cleans well. Be careful with it on your wooden surfaces.
  • Promptly take out the garbage.
  • Keep the outdoor trash can away from the house.
  • Fill any holes with caulk around windows that may serve as an entry point.
  • Spray white vinegar on the exterior of the home where there may be possible entry points.
  • Call a professional pest control service to treat your home for ants.

Identifying the ants

There are multiple types of ants that live in the Las Vegas area. If you find ants in your home, identifying what kind of ants can be crucial.  Some ants may be burrowing into the structure of your home, causing expensive damage to your house. 

Carpenter Ants, for example, do not eat wood like termites, but they burrow into the wood which can weaken the boards and possibly cause the structural integrity of your home to be compromised. Carpenter Ants are larger than your average ant, are dark red to black in color, and the worker ants have wings. If you identify Carpenter Ants in your home, call a professional immediately!

For the best ant control company in Las Vegas, give Pest Raiders a call today. We are ready to make your ant problem go away for good.