Pigeon Problem Solar Panel Protection

Las Vegas Pigeon Control and Solar Panel Maintenance

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, casinos, and hot weather, but it is also home to a large population of pigeons. Pigeons are a common sight in many neighborhoods and can cause a variety of problems, including property damage, disease transmission, and nuisance noise. In addition, pigeons can pose significant issues for homeowners with solar panels, as they can cause damage and reduce energy production. In this article, we will discuss pigeon control and solar panel maintenance in Las Vegas.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons may seem like harmless birds, but they can actually cause a lot of difficulties for property owners and businesses. Pigeon control is crucial for Las Vegas homeowners who want to protect their property and maintain a clean and safe environment. There are several ways to control the pigeon population effectively. Let us take a glance at a few of those methods:

  • Bird Deterrents

One effective way to control pigeon populations is to use bird deterrents. There are many types of bird deterrents available, including spikes, netting, and electrical systems. Spikes and netting are physical barriers that prevent pigeons from landing and nesting on buildings and structures. Electrical systems use a mild electric shock to deter pigeons from landing on certain areas.

  • Bird Repellent Gel

One of the most popular pigeon deterrents is bird-repellent gel. This sticky substance is applied to surfaces where pigeons tend to perch, making it uncomfortable for them to land and eventually deterring them from returning altogether. The gel is non-toxic and harmless to humans, so it’s safe to use around homes, schools, and other public places.

  • Reduce Attractants

In addition to using bird deterrents, homeowners can take steps to prevent pigeons from being attracted to their property. This includes keeping trash cans properly sealed, removing any standing water, and eliminating food sources like bird feeders. Regular cleaning and maintenance of buildings and structures can also help to prevent pigeon populations from becoming established.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are a popular and environmentally-friendly way to generate electricity, but they can be vulnerable to damage from pigeons. To prevent damage and maintain energy production, homeowners with solar panels should take steps to keep pigeons away.

One effective way to do this is to install bird deterrents like spikes or netting around the perimeter of the solar panels. This prevents pigeons from landing and nesting on the panels and can help to protect the wiring from damage.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of solar panels are also essential for energy production. Pigeon droppings can accumulate on the surface of solar panels, reducing their efficiency and energy production. Regular cleaning with water and a mild detergent can help to remove any buildup and restore efficiency.

Pigeons can be a nuisance in Las Vegas, causing property damage, disease transmission, and noise. In addition, they can pose a problem for homeowners with solar panels, causing damage and reducing energy production. Pest Raiders is the best option for keeping Las Vegas pest-free. Our team will be able to safely control the pigeon population, making us an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their property from these winged pests.

Pigeon Problem Solar Panel Protection

Solar Panel Protection and Pigeon Proofing in Las Vegas

When you and your family made the choice to install solar panels on your home, you likely envisioned saving money on your electric bill and helping the environment. You may not have thought that pigeons could become a threat to your investment. The truth is, however, that pigeons can pose a risk to the effectiveness and longevity of your solar panels if measures are not taken to protect them. Pest Raiders offer solar panel protection and pigeon proofing in Las Vegas to ensure your investment remains secure for the life of your solar panels.

Why do pigeons like solar panels?

Over time, pigeons have made their homes in cities and become more and more domesticated. Unlike other birds that make their homes in trees, pigeons live in cliffs. This behavior has translated to making homes in cities in the modern world since there is an abundance of rooftops, balconies and other crevices they can reside. Since solar panels create crevices on rooftops, pigeons often find these areas an optimum place to build their nest and seek protection from the elements.

Risk to Solar Panels

When pigeons make their homes near solar panels, they can introduce foreign objects or disrupt the hardware of your solar panels. The birds may peck the panels with their beak, damaging the structure. Additionally, pigeons leave their droppings all around their habitat. If the panels become covered in enough of their excrement, this can affect the effectiveness of the panels. Some consideration to protecting your solar panels from pigeons can ensure they bring clean energy to your home for many years.

What can be done?

Keeping pigeons away from your property can be tricky since they are flying creatures and often return when they find a suitable habitat. You can, however, take some measures to reduce the chance that pigeons will set up camp around your home or solar panels.

  • Use objects that reflect the light to scare them away
  • Purchase an ultrasonic sound machine that is proven to repel pigeons
  • Set up spikes around perimeters to keep birds from perching
  • Cover solar panels with netting
  • Call a professional pest expert with pigeon control experience

If you have a pigeon problem, we highly recommend calling an expert to aid the removal and prevention of future birds nesting in your solar panels. Our experts at Pest Raiders utilize an integrated pest management system to assess your specific needs and provide you with a plan of action best suited to your family. Our technicians consider options that are safe for you and your family, as well as humane for the birds involved. Pest Raiders provide a range of treatments that include protective barriers, netting, gel and bird repellent to keep birds away. We also provide a full solar panel cleaning service to ensure your panels are in working order and sparkling clean. Contact us today and one of our experts can provide you with all the information you need to meet your solar panel protection and pigeon proofing needs in the Las Vegas area.