What Should I Do If I Find a Scorpion In My House?

February 27, 2023 Pest Raiders Scorpions

Scorpions are one of the most feared pests in households worldwide, and finding one inside your home can be quite alarming. While scary, they are not always dangerous – but it's important to know what to do if you find one in your house. Scorpions typically enter homes through openings or cracks in walls, windows, and doors. This article will guide you on what to do if you discover a scorpion in your home and how to prevent them from entering again.

Stay calm and avoid disturbing the scorpion.

It's best to give the scorpion a wide berth, taking care not to get too close or bother it in any way. Scorpions will generally keep their distance if left alone and are unlikely to attack unless provoked. However, to ensure your safety, it's recommended that you stay clear of any scorpions and refrain from making sudden movements around them or touching them until you are prepared to capture them.

If you suspect a scorpion might be nearby, take some time to look for its hiding spot before approaching any other area.

First and foremost, if you see a scorpion in your home, take some time to look for its hiding spot. These venomous creatures usually hide in tight spaces around windows, doors, or furniture. Check under things left outside, such as wood piles or potted plants, as these can attract scorpions looking for places to hide.

Capture the critter.

Capturing a scorpion can be intimidating, but it is possible to do so safely with the proper steps. When attempting to capture a scorpion, it’s best to use either a container or an insect net. Place the container or net directly over the scorpion while wearing protective gloves such as gardening gloves or thick leather gloves to protect your hands from its sting.

Another way to capture them includes catching them using a container or cup. Then, place a piece of paper or cardboard over the top of the container. Slide the paper or cardboard under the container to trap the scorpion inside. Last, release the scorpion outdoors safely away from your house.

Prevention Strategies

If you want to keep them from entering your house, there are some simple steps you can take to help prevent scorpion invasions.

  • Seal Your Home: The first step is ensuring your home is adequately sealed against outdoor pests. Inspect all windows and doors for cracks or gaps that could let in scorpions. You can also use weather stripping around those openings for added protection. Additionally, look around the foundation of your house and seal up any holes or crevices with caulk or other materials.
  • Reduce Food Sources: It is crucial to reduce their food sources to help prevent scorpions from entering your home. The first thing to do is to eliminate any potential hiding places for insects like cockroaches and spiders. Scorpions feed on these types of pests, so if you keep your home free of them, the less likely scorpions will come in search of prey.
  • Acquire Professional Help: To keep your home free of scorpions, you should acquire professional help. Professional pest control companies use specialized treatments targeting these arachnids, killing them before they enter the house.

In conclusion, if you find a scorpion in your home, it's vital to take action quickly. Pest Raiders is the most reliable and effective option for removing unwanted guests like scorpions and ensuring that your home is safe again. With their specialized skills, they can safely and effectively remove these unpleasant pests from your home.