Summerlin Pigeon Control Services

Pigeons are extremely smart birds. For centuries, humans are believed to have used these creatures to deliver messages or other navigation purposes. Because of their human interaction, the birds have adapted to become quite comfortable around humans. They have learned to eat human food and can make their nests almost anywhere. For these reasons, many cities have developed a pigeon problem and many residents are looking for solutions to drive these pesky creatures away from their property. Pest Raiders is happy to offer effective pigeon control services for Summerlin and the surrounding areas.

Problems Caused by Pigeons

Pigeons are known to carry viruses and bacteria that can lead to sickness and other health problems for humans.

The droppings from pigeons create an unsightly environment and can trigger asthmatic responses for some people.

Pigeons like to build nests in unlikely places, such as solar panels on rooftops. This can cause damage to the panels and reduce their effectiveness.

The birds are very noisy creatures and become quite a nuisance if they make their homes inconveniently close to people.

Because pigeons are so accustomed to being around people, they can make people uncomfortable by how close they may get when searching for food.

Pigeons can cause damage with their beaks and wings and will often tear things up if they believe they have found a food source.

Since pigeons have an amazing sense of navigation, they often return to a location if they found food or a good place to nest. This can make it difficult to keep them away once they have found these things on your property.

What if I have a pigeon problem?

Because pigeons carry diseases and can be aggressive, we recommend calling upon a professional if you discover a pigeon issue on your property. An expert can provide you with an assessment of the situation and give you options for how to proceed with treatment. Because each situation is unique, an integrated pest management system should be utilized to evaluate the best course of action. If you have solar panels on your home, special care should be given to protect them from damage caused by pigeons or other birds. An experienced technician can provide full cleaning and prevention services to ensure your solar panels stay at optimum performance.

Pigeon Control Services

Depending on the needs of your property, a pest control company may take several measures to capture or repel pigeons. If the birds have made their homes, a professional may need to use a net or other device to capture the pigeons and relocate them to a safer location. Nests will need to be fully removed to ensure that other birds to do not take refuge in them. Because of the unsanitary conditions of the birds’ excrements, a full cleaning should be done to make the area safe and clean. Prevention devices may be installed to keep the birds away. These may include spikes, repellent, netting, reflective tape or motion-sensitive sprinklers. Our professionals at Pest Raiders can provide comprehensive pigeon control services such as these to ensure your Summerlin property is pigeon free.