Pigeon Problems in Summerlin, Las Vegas

Major cities are often attractive nesting and breeding grounds for pigeons all across the world. They may encroach on people as they search for food and can nest in some problematic places. If left untreated, pigeons can cause considerable damage to your property. Pigeon problems in Summerlin, Las Vegas, however, can be treated by a professional with knowledge of the most humane and effective methods to drive these birds away from your valuables.

Pigeons and Cities

Unlike other birds that need trees to survive and build nests, pigeons naturally live in cliffs. Over time, pigeons have moved into cities and become domesticated since they can easily find rooftops, balconies, ledges and other areas to build their nests. Pigeons an also readily find food since humans leaven plenty of waste in the streets and trash for them to find. Because pigeons have made their homes in cities, they have become accustomed to being around people.

Why are pigeons a problem?

Property damage: Besides dropping their feces all over, pigeons can also cause damage to your property in other ways. They often make their nests in nooks and crevices, solar panels being a popular choice. They can cover the panes with their droppings and use their beaks to peck at the glass, causing damage to this important investment meant to save you money. A professional can help to properly remove the birds and their nests and provide preventative measures to keep them from returning.

Carry viruses and disease: Pigeons are known to carry viruses and diseases since they often scavenge in unclean parts of the city. They spread these through their droppings and can result in making people sick and can also lead to fatalities.

Nuisance to customers: Pigeons are often very bold and will remain very close to humans if they find a food source. They can be aggressive and are very noisy, making them an unpopular pest. If pigeons find refuge around your business, customers may avoid patronizing in order to avoid the nuisance, costing you money.

Prevent Pigeons

It may seem like pigeons are everywhere in a city like Summerlin, but you can take a few measures to prevent them from making their home around your property or business.

  • Install bird deterrents such as motion-activated sprinklers, reflective mirrors or a sound machine that gives off an ultrasonic sound to scare birds away.
  • Prevent access to potential nesting locations using spikes, covers or gel.
  • Keep a clean and tidy environment so pigeons don’t have access to a food source.

What to do if you have a pigeon problem

If you find that pigeons have become a problem around your home or business, the easiest plan of action is to contact a pest control company with experience dealing with these pests. Pest Raiders is a family owned business that will assess your specific needs and create a plan of action to rid your property of these birds. Our professionals know the nuances of pigeon problems in Summerlin, Las Vegas and are ready to serve your family today.